Reservation for General Category: Historic or Just Election Gimmick?

The government today announced 10 per cent reservation in government jobs and higher education for economically weaker sections in the general category and said it would move a constitutional amendment bill to bring it into effect. The mega move, just months before the national election, was approved in a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister […]
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9 good things happened for India in 2018

As we end the year, let us relive some positive moments for India in 2018. We picked incidents which have been shortlisted by our team based on different criteria. If you want to share our happiness with more fellow citizens, share this post with maximum people. 1) Sonam Wangchuk and Bharat Vaswani won the Ramon […]
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How bureaucracy is blocking India’s entrepreneurs by setting up License Raj!

By Shreyans Jain I am a huge admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is the only political leader since Independence to recognize that entrepreneurs have the potential to transform India through their innovations. Startups not only bring dynamism to the economy, they also create jobs, and successful ones distribute huge amount of wealth among […]
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Political Parties: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Political Party: A political party is a group of like-minded people who work together to win elections and form the government. Political parties compete against each other for political power and for the ability to put their philosophies and policies into effect.

UPA v/s NDA: Which has performed better in managing Indian Economy?

There is an ongoing debate on performance of Indian Economy between UPA and NDA governments. This was studied by Times of India in one of its posts and found the following objective comparisons on 10 key indicators of any economy. Team Know India build on the following charts and try to make it more understandable […]
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10 things to know about Indian Secularism

Do you think India is becoming an intolerant country? Or is it just hype created by media (print, television and social alike). If you concur and feel cherished after reading this post, then it is just a hype. Secularism in India is engraved in Constitution right at the beginning in the Preamble. It is a […]
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Remembering BJP’s 2014 manifesto: Category Wise Poll Promises

In every election, present government is evaluated against its poll promises 5 years back.

Farmers Loan Waiver: the kingmaker of the Assembly Elections

When the farmers raised slogans instead of plough just before the assembly election 2018, nobody imagined that it would create a very big hole in the fabric of BJP politics. The party claiming to be the only national party in near future was uprooted by the people from the biggest state of India and former […]
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Semi Final: The non-political analysis of the assembly elections 2018

On 11th December 2018, results of assembly elections came out for Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana. These elections are being called the Semi Final because of two factors: first, they happened six months before the Final (Lok Sabha Election) and second, number of states that they cover. Let’s analyse these elections and note […]
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Why India tolerates corruption: Raghuram Rajan

This is an excerpt from a speech India’s Reserve Bank of India chairman Raghuram Rajan delivered this week. The full text is available here. Even as our democracy and our economy have become more vibrant, an important issue in the recent election was whether we had substituted the crony socialism of the past with crony […]
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