AAP Manifesto Highlights

Aam Aadmi Party released its national election manifesto on Thursday. As expected the main focus of party manifesto is on anti-corruption, bringing transparency in governance and decentralising the power.

AAP leaders pose with their party manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, in New Delhi on Thursday


Following are the highlights of 28 page document :

1) Zero Tolerance of Corruption : AAP has promised to bring Lokpal Bill, Swaraj Bill and more use of IT in governance.

2) Enforcing Regulation and Accountability on Media Houses : AAP promises to bring transparency on issues of paid news, monopolies and political affiliations of owners and journalists.

3) Transparency in Governance : Installation of CCTV cameras in courtrooms and police stations is promised. The judiciary, police and all political parties would be brought under the Right to Information Act.

4) Good Governance :  The number of judges would be doubled in five years. Declining to lodge a FIR in a police station would be a criminal offence.

5) Election Reforms : Bring down the  the age to contest elections from 25 to 21. Bring right to reject and right to recall. Give more powers to ECI to curb use of black money and malpractices in elections.

6) Economic Reforms : Promises to revive the rural economy using Gram Sabha and other local bodies. The Aam Aadmi party will be industry-friendly but against crony capitalism. Efforts would be made to de-regulate procedures for doing business and will be more friendly and less cumbersome.

7) Right to Health Care :  Introduce the right to health care bill. Ensure that all essential drugs available at free of cost. Improve the accountability of Public health care facilities. Also promote Indian traditional methods in public healthcare system.

8) Social Welfare : Provide social security for unorganised sector workers. Work toward gender equality, also support 33% reservation for women in parliament and state legislature. Work for betterment of valmiki community. Also try to bridge the caste and religious gap between minority and majority communities. Adivasis will be provided will more decision making power on local level to work towards development.

9)  Defence/Foreign policy : The AAP will review and reform laws like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to make them time-bound. Work actively towards multi-polar world with the help of BRICS and IBSA. Zero tolerance towards terrorism and naxalism. Implementation of One rank – One pension policy. Encourage the use of Indigenous weapon for Indian army.


Resources :
1) AAP Election Manifesto
2) The Hindu


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