Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (1 of 9): Governance

Current Situation: Many scams have been unearthed in last 5 years due to which awareness for good governance has increased. After sustained anti-corruption movements, Lokpal Bill was passed in parliament. However, many important bills to ensure good governance could not find their way through the parliament. There is also a growing demand for regulation of electoral campaign financing.


  • Will ensure passage of Rights of Citizens for Time Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievance Bill, 2011.
  • Will appoint special envoy to pursue black money.
  • Will ensure passage of other anti-corruption bills including Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, which enlarges the definition of taking a bribe and covers commercial organizations.
  • Ensuring transparency in financing of political activities and expansion of state funding for elections.
  • Will enact Judicial Appointments Bill (to bring transparency in appointments in judiciary)


  • Will set up effective Lokpal institution.
  • Will initiate electoral reforms to eliminate criminals.
  • Will look at revising expenditure limits.
  • Judicial reforms to address the issue of appointments of judges. National Judicial Commission for appointment of judges in higher judiciary.
  • Increase coverage of National e-Governance plan to cover all departments of Government.
  • Special emphasis on development of Alternative Dispute Redressal Mechanisms (like lok adalats, tribunals etc)


  • Increase domain of Lokpal (include private financial sector institutions, banking and insurance sector in particular, and all PPP projects)
  • Other anti corruption legislations.
  • National Judicial Commission as an independent constitutional body.
  • Prohibiting person with criminal background from contesting elections. State funding for recognized political parties, prohibiton of corporate funding of political parties.


  • Jan Lokpal Bill, Swaraj Bill.
  • Judicial Appointments Commission.
  • Will implement polic reforms as directed by Supreme Court.
  • Bring in “Right to Reject” and “Right to Recall”
  • Bring down minimum age to contest elections to 21.

Note: The content produced here is taken from The Hindu. Writers of Know India have not changed the content in any way. Points of other national parties were not included as either their manifestos were not released (BSP) or they are small in their presence (NCP). For full comparison (which we will release in 9 volumes) can be seen at…
– Every Vote Counts, Choose Wisely.

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