Manifesto Comparison, General Elections, 2014 (6 of 9): Women

Current Status:

  • Anti-Rape laws were strengthened following the Delhi incident.
  • Women safety remain an issue which is partly a reason for their lag in education, share in workforce etc.
  • Women Reservation Bill could not be passed. This bill reserve seats for women in parliament.

Stands of various parties on this issue:


  • Will pass women’s reservation bill.
  • Earmark 30% of all funds coming to local bodies for development of women and children.
  • One stop crisis centers for women in all hospitals.
  • Land rights for women, especially single women and those whose husbands have migrated from village.
  • Program to improve child sex ratio (It worsen from 2001 to 2011)


  • Will pass women’s reservation bill.
  • Strict implementation of laws related to women, particularly those related to rape. Provide rehabilitation of rape victims.
  • Make police station women friendly, and increase the number of women in police at different levels.
  • Enable women with training and skills by setting up dedicated industrial training institutes.
  • Remove gender disparities in property rights.


  • Will pass women’s reservation bill.
  • Ensuring equal pay for equal workers, adopting social security measures for working women including maternity benefits, pension and health insurance for women workers in the unorganized sector including home based workers.
  • Creche facilities for all women workers.


  • Will pass women’s reservation bill.
  • Establish fair and responsive fast track courts for crimes of violence against women.
  • Zero tolerance approach towards sex selective abortion and work towards its complete elimination by strengthening legislation against its practice.
  • Comprehensive and long-term public education programs to end the culture of gender-based discrimination and violence.


Note: The content produced here is taken from The Hindu. Writers of Know India have not changed the content in any way. Points of other national parties were not included as either their manifestos were not released (BSP) or they are small in their presence (NCP). For full comparison (which we will release in 9 volumes) can be seen at

– Every Vote Counts, Choose Wisely.

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