Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (8 of 9): Disadvantaged Groups

Current Situation:

  • SC, STs and Muslims have the worst health and education indicators and lowest paying jobs.
  • Discrimination and caste and religion based violence occurs frequently across the country.
  • The Communal Violence Bill was introduced but had to be withdrawn following opposition.
  • Section 377 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) criminalising consensual gay sex upheld by the Supreme Court.

Stand of Major Political Parties :

Congress : 

  • Will create a national consensus on affirmative action for SCs and STs in private sector.
  • Prioritise the passing of the Communal Violence Bill.
  • Legislation to provide reservation for backward minorities.
  • Will bring a law to decriminalise consensual sexual relation between same gender adults.


  • Will bring in Uniform Civil Code and a national madrasa modernization programme.
  • Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna at national level to empower tribal.
  • Electrification of tribal hamlets and construct all-weather roads; Establish National Centre for Tribal Research and Culture to preserve the tribal culture and languages.
  • Strengthen and modernize minority educational systems and institutions. National Madrasa Modernization programme would be started.

CPI (M):

  • Enactment of central legislation to provide reservation to the private sector for SCs and STs.
  • Extending reservation to Dalit Christians and Muslim communities.
  • Enacting a comprehensive law against communal violence without infringing on the federal framework.
  • Amend Section 377 of IPC so that it doesn’t criminalise consensual relationships.


  • Ensure that benefits of reservations go to most marginalised groups by placing the people who already availed the benefits at the end of the queue.
  • Making reservation religion neutral so that Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians also come under reservation.
  • PESA and Forest Rights Act to be effectively implemented to ensure that no land acquisitions without permission from Gram sabhas.
  • Sewage drain workers will be provided with protective gears.

Note: The content produced here is taken from The Hindu. Writers of Know India have not changed the content in any way. Points of other national parties were not included as either their manifestos were not released (BSP) or they are small in their presence (NCP). For full comparison (which we will release in 9 volumes) can be seen at…

Every Vote Counts, Choose Wisely.

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