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The Unfulfilled Oaths

In 65 years of Indian Constitution, which is a contract between government and citizens, the most important thing considered synonymous with it is fundamental rights. Fundamental rights are set of clauses which government pledged to fulfill with immediate effect on 26th Jan 1950. Along with these rights, government also pledged to fulfill some clauses but […]
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NRIs Voting From Abroad: A Step Towards Better Democracy

In a connected world, it is simpler to effect these changes in law to ensure everyone can vote. It does, however, stand to reason that since the sheer numbers of India are in some ways self-defeating, much work also needs to be done even to ensure the name of every eligible voter is actually on the rolls.

Mango People in a Banana Republic?

Exactly 65 years ago, the world’s greatest treatise on nation building – The Constitution of India came into force. We feel proud and so should you. In this post, we intend to make you feel so.

The Right to not be offended: A satirical take

Source: 9Gag Consider the following sequence of headlines: Penguin agrees to axe Wendy Doniger’s controversial book The Hindus: An Alternative History. (India Today, February 11, 2014) Mulayam Singh on rape: Boys make mistakes, why hang them? (Hindustan Times, April 11, 2014) Protest held against Aamir’s movie PK (The Indian Express, December 23, 2014) Girls must […]
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Constituency Wise MLAs: Delhi Elections 2013

1 Ram Kishan Singhal ADARSH NAGAR BJP 0 Graduate Rs 15,69,90,539
~ 15 Crore+ Rs 56,00,000
~ 56 Lacs+
2 Ashok Kumar AMBEDKAR NAGAR Aam Aadmi Party 0 10th Pass Rs 13,35,091
~ 13 Lacs+ Rs 3,600
~ 3 Thou+
3 Naresh Gaur BABARPUR BJP 2 Graduate Professional Rs 2,35,45,476
~ 2 Crore+ Rs 0

Judging the judges

For starters, the following abbreviations are used: SC – Supreme Court HC – High Court CJI – Chief Justice of India PM – Prime Minister NJAC – National Judicial Appointments Commission On August 11, 2014, the National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014 was introduced in the Lok Sabha and was passed within three days in […]
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Land Ordinance: A debate between development and justice.

The debate between development and justice is a long one and land acquisition is one manifestation of it. All political parties have vowed to fight this argument as they are claiming that the justice is being undermined. The question we, at know India, ask our reader is:
Keeping the debate on the manner in which this law has been amended aside, what do you think of the amended law?

If you are supporting a party, try to find out the rationale of their argument on this ordinance. We are pretty sure that we have provided enough information to comprehend their stand on the issue. Try to add more in the comments if we have missed something.

Ordinances: A necessary Evil ??

Recently Narendra Modi led NDA government brought an ordinance to change Land acquisition and settlement (amendment) act 2013. The Ordinance has been an issues of debate for multiple reasons. One objection raised by opposition parties is that this ordinance is a pro-capitalist one and is against the socialist ideas of forefathers of India Constitution. The […]
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New Year’s Resolution

On this day the 1st of January, Team Know India pledges the following, – A weekly article on politically relevant and pressing social issues presented in apolitical way. – Persuading interested people to come on board to discuss/ debate issues on this page. – Taking reach of the page to more than 10000 people by […]
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