New Year’s Resolution

On this day the 1st of January, Team Know India pledges the following,

– A weekly article on politically relevant and pressing social issues presented in apolitical way.

– Persuading interested people to come on board to discuss/ debate issues on this page.

– Taking reach of the page to more than 10000 people by the end of 2015.

We need the following from our users to make all this happen,

– Review the page by clicking at the following link.

– Suggest topics on which you feel a politically unbiased article is required for better understanding.

– Ask us to moderate a debate. Tag us in your debates and we will provide the facts based on credible sources.

– If you think we are bunch of well intentioned people, invite your friends to like this page.

– Every time you have an opinion about relevant political issues, do not keep them to yourself. Exercise your right to express your opinion and let people know what you are feeling. There is no merit in having the feeling “I was thinking the same”.

– Comments, shares and likes on our posts if you feel the article adds value to the issue being discussed.

– Wishing all Know Indians Happy New Year 🙂

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