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For Sale – Elections ! Elections ! Elections !

There has been a rise in the phenomenon due to corporatisation of media, lack of a robust regulatory framework to curb paid news and no legal provisions to penalise candidates involved in the practice. In fact paid news is not recognised as an electoral offence or a corrupt practice under the Representation of People Act.

Soil Health Card : A Step Towards Better Agriculture

Soil Health Card : A Step Towards Better Agriculture
The card will help in identifying the type of fertilizer required for the soil and the crops and thus increase productivity of the land and individual farmer.

Looking Beyond the Borders: Obama’s visit to India

It may be a wrong way to phrase it thus – for India in 2015, the underlying mood is we can. In the global context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has firmly established his position as the man of the times, paving the way for a proactive foreign policy; turning on the charm and yet determined […]
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The promise of nuclear deals

“The deal is done” announced foreign secretary Sujatha Singh after a long discussion between Mr. Obama and Mr. Modi over resolving the logjam in operationalising the much touted Indo-US nuclear deal or the 123 Agreement. Much excitement and optimism has been pouring in from across media houses about the significance of the deal and its […]
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And the winner is Democracy

As Delhi goes to polls, we cannot help but think about the massive and intense election campaigns waged by all the political parties. Notwithstanding the mud-slinging and the usual drama and rhetoric that underlines Indian elections, the huge coverage and focus that this Assembly election received was unprecedented. After all, think about it, this was […]
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There is Something Terribly Wrong with this Country Isn’t it?

7th Feb can prove to be a historical day for India and to commemorate this day, we have made a video adapted from V for Vendetta’s revolutionary speech by the main character. Our intent is to arouse people’s sense of responsibility as a citizen and make a call for voting in Delhi Elections in large […]
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Delhi Elections 2015: Financial Background of Candidates

Is money power a prerequisite to get a ticket from mainstream party?

In place like Delhi, it is expected to have so many candidates with so much money. But is it a criteria to decide your vote is up to you.

Delhi Elections 2015: Criminal Background of Candidates

Delhi Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of all 673 candidates who are contesting in the 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections. There are 70 political parties fielding candidates in these elections. In the previous elections in 2013 there were 77 political parties that contested and in 2008 there were […]
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