Rajasthan: A poor state in Primary Education

Rajasthan was ranked 31 out of 33 states and UTs with respect to literacy rates in 2011. We took data from ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) by Pratham over the years and did a comparative study between 2007 and 2013 for Rajasthan. Following are some of the stats which quantify this fact.

  • 7.5% increase in students who cannot read alphabets in age group 5-16


In the graph you can see that overall 17% children in the age group 5-16 could not read in 2013 as compared to 9.58% in 2007 which is a serious concern. In last few years, we have achieved near universal enrollments level in primary education (Class I to Class VIII) but failed to keep quality of education at previous levels. Few solutions have been proposed during our studies which are written below:

1) Group the students with these problems (17% in 2013) and approach the problem collectively. First 2 hours of their school are dedicated to accelerate their learning. This is being done by Pratham. They have shown considerable improvements with this approach. (Read India program)

2) Bring parents into the learning process: Parents tend to depend on the teachers for learning of their child. However, it should be mentioned here that a teacher usually teaches 30-40 students while a parent has to teach only his child. Absence of quality teachers (or even a normal teacher) in villages can be countered by this approach.

  • Gender wise children who cannot read alphabets in age group 5-16


In the graph above, it can be seen that education quality has decreased in both genders. One of primary reason of this decrease is the abolition of testing mechanism to advance students to next class after Right to Education Act. RTE in this regard is creating quantity at the cost of quality.

  • Only 40% children between 5-16 years can read stories!!!


In this parameter too, there is a decline in quality in 2013 as compared to 2007. In this regard, we could not find any concrete solution. Readers are welcome to suggest any solution. Also share this post if you do not like this downward trend.

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