Remembering BJP’s 2014 manifesto: Category Wise Poll Promises

In a run up to General Election 2019, it is useful that we evaluate current government with respect to their poll promises. In this post, we write category wise poll promises written from NDA’s own manifesto (“Ghoshna Patra”). Our team has evaluated differences between manifesto points and actual execution in 54 months of the present government. While it has under performed in some of the categories, it has actually surpassed its own promises in some. We leave it at the reader’s discretion to decide how this government has performed for them.  Please fill your opinion at the end of the post. Following are the points:

  • Governance

    1. Will set up effective Lokpal institution.
    2. Will initiate electoral reforms to eliminate criminals.
    3. Will look at revising expenditure limits.
    4. Judicial reforms to address the issue of appointments of judges. National Judicial Commission for appointment of judges in higher judiciary.
    5. Increase coverage of National e-Governance plan to cover all departments of Government.
    6. Special emphasis on development of Alternative Dispute Redressal Mechanisms (like lok adalats, tribunals etc)
  • Economy

    1. Push for Fiscal autonomy of states.
    2. Additional Tax benefits and higher interest rates for Senior Citizens.
    3. Will review labour laws.
    4. Will develop Tourism, Textiles, Footwear, Food-processing and electronics assembly Industries.
    5. Will Prohibit FDI in retail sector.
    6. Will implement fiscal discipline, banking reforms and bring all state governments on board for GST(Goods and Services Tax).
    7. Will bring national land use policy also make a single window for project clearances and speedy environment clearances.
    8. Will work towards greater efficiency of FCI to tackle price rise.
  • Education

    1. Content and process of school education to be reviewed to make it dynamic and stress-free.
    2. Special pedagogy for differently-abled students.
    3. Universalization of secondary school education with particular focus on rural, tribal and difficult areas.
    4. Autonomy with steps to ensure accountability for institutions of higher learning.\
    5. Revisit Apprentice Act to facilitate youth to earn while they learn.
  • Health

    1. Will bring National Health Assurance Mission for universal healthcare.
    2. Bring in a new National Healthcare policy.
    3. Encourage Indian system of medicine, modern science and Ayurgenomics.
    4. Will open up an AIIMS like institute in every state
  • Internal Security

    1. Revive anti-terror mechanism, strengthen the role of NIA and put a system in place for swift and fair trial of terror related cases.
    2. Reform the National Security Council to make it the hub of all sector related assessments.
    3. Insulate intelligence agencies from political intervention and interference.
  • Women

    1. Will pass women’s reservation bill.
    2. Strict implementation of laws related to women, particularly those related to rape. Provide rehabilitation of rape victims.
    3. Make police station women friendly, and increase the number of women in police at different levels.
    4. Enable women with training and skills by setting up dedicated industrial training institutes.
    5. Remove gender disparities in property rights.
  • Infrastructure

    1. Launch an integrated public transport which will include roadways, railways and waterways.
    2. Work on freight corridors and industrial corridors will be expedited.
    3. Diamond Quadrilateral project of High Speed Train network (Bullet Train).
    4. Set up a National Optical Fibre Network up to the village level.
  • Disadvantaged Groups

    1. Will bring in Uniform Civil Code and a national madrasa modernization programme.
    2. Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna at national level to empower tribal.
    3. Electrification of tribal hamlets and construct all-weather roads; Establish National Centre for Tribal Research and Culture to preserve the tribal culture and languages.
    4. Strengthen and modernize minority educational systems and institutions. National Madrasa Modernization programme would be started.
  • Foreign Policy

    1. Will pursue friendly relations in the neighborhood. However, where required will not hesitate from taking “strong stand and steps”.
    2. Will work towards strengthening regional forums like SAARC and ASEAN. Continue dialogue, engagement and cooperation with global forums like BRICS, G20, IBSA, SCO and ASEM.
    3. Will expand and empower pool of diplomats.
    4. Persecuted Hindus welcome to seek refuge in India.

Above points have been taken directly from BJP’s manifesto which it declared in 2014. What is your take on this? Please let us know by filling the following form.

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