The page offers information about various dimensions of India . We take pressing current issues affecting day to day life and try to provide the reasons and government initiatives taken to tackle such issues. International comparisons will be made as deem fit. This will be done to let readers understand the problem much more clearly.

What kind of information we provide : Information presented here will be gathered using authentic statistics and newspaper reports and will be apolitical in nature. We want the readers to make their own conclusion based on information presented in our posts.

Credibility of writers and content :  Writers of the posts in this page are Graduates from IIT Bombay. Some of them are doing jobs, some are civil services aspirants and some are exploring avenues in Entrepreneurship and other areas.

Why are we doing it : Because there is a need and we have the willingness and capacity to present information in as simple way as possible.

How can you contribute : If you like to work with us then you can contribute as a writer, reviewer of post and last but not the least you can do is like/comment and share it.

How to Contact: Mail us at knowthyindia@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach us at Facebook

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