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Farmers Loan Waiver: the kingmaker of the Assembly Elections

When the farmers raised slogans instead of plough just before the assembly election 2018, nobody imagined that it would create a very big hole in the fabric of BJP politics. The party claiming to be the only national party in near future was uprooted by the people from the biggest state of India and former […]
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The Curse of Agriculture

One positive outcome of the recent debate over Land Acquisition has been the return of agriculture into public discourse. The media – whether print, electronic, social has mostly been oblivious to the plight of farmers and agriculture sector in general. Of course most of this apathy and bias stems from our own ignorance and lack […]
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NEW Capital: What about the OLD Farmers?

NEW Capital: What about the OLD Farmers?

For going ahead on the path of Development, are we leaving behind a section of society ?

Although this is a long process and we will see the level of good or bad implementation with time, we can only hope and wish for a deal which would lead state and country towards development without hurting rights of any individual or farmer.

Soil Health Card : A Step Towards Better Agriculture

Soil Health Card : A Step Towards Better Agriculture
The card will help in identifying the type of fertilizer required for the soil and the crops and thus increase productivity of the land and individual farmer.

The Unfulfilled Oaths

In 65 years of Indian Constitution, which is a contract between government and citizens, the most important thing considered synonymous with it is fundamental rights. Fundamental rights are set of clauses which government pledged to fulfill with immediate effect on 26th Jan 1950. Along with these rights, government also pledged to fulfill some clauses but […]
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Land Ordinance: A debate between development and justice.

The debate between development and justice is a long one and land acquisition is one manifestation of it. All political parties have vowed to fight this argument as they are claiming that the justice is being undermined. The question we, at know India, ask our reader is:
Keeping the debate on the manner in which this law has been amended aside, what do you think of the amended law?

If you are supporting a party, try to find out the rationale of their argument on this ordinance. We are pretty sure that we have provided enough information to comprehend their stand on the issue. Try to add more in the comments if we have missed something.


Overview:  Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the largest livelihood provider in India. Most of the industries also depend upon the sector for their raw materials. Investments in technology development, irrigation infrastructure, modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit are the major factors related to agriculture growth.

Primary Sector: Agriculture (1 of 2)

Few Facts: Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output and ranked within the world’s five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items, including many cash crops such as coffee and cotton, in 2010 Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisheries accounted for 16.6% of the GDP in 2009 and accounted for […]
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