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Urbanization: Social Perspective

By Prashant Jain This is a well accepted phenomenon that aggregation of human settlements improve the service delivery efficiency provided infrastructure is in place for such a delivery.

NEW Capital: What about the OLD Farmers?

NEW Capital: What about the OLD Farmers?

For going ahead on the path of Development, are we leaving behind a section of society ?

Although this is a long process and we will see the level of good or bad implementation with time, we can only hope and wish for a deal which would lead state and country towards development without hurting rights of any individual or farmer.

The Unfulfilled Oaths

In 65 years of Indian Constitution, which is a contract between government and citizens, the most important thing considered synonymous with it is fundamental rights. Fundamental rights are set of clauses which government pledged to fulfill with immediate effect on 26th Jan 1950. Along with these rights, government also pledged to fulfill some clauses but […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (7 of 9): Infrastructure

Current Situation: India has a one trillion infrastructure deficit over the next five years, according to finance minister P. Chidambaram. India is ranked 89th out of 142 countries for its infrastructure in 2011-12. 65% of all freight is transported by road resulting in high traffic. The planning commission has estimated that India needs 180 more […]
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