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A victory for Internet freedom

The beauty of the Internet is that it is a truly open and democratic platform that does not discriminate – it does not care whether you are impoverished or a social outcaste and gives your voice equal weightage. We must attempt to increase the access to Internet so that it offers a voice to those in perpetual exile from our consciousness and enables them to influence public opinion. At the same time, we must also endeavour to maintain its open nature.

For the Love of Science

Article is related to the sorry state of affairs of Science and Technology in India.

The promise of nuclear deals

“The deal is done” announced foreign secretary Sujatha Singh after a long discussion between Mr. Obama and Mr. Modi over resolving the logjam in operationalising the much touted Indo-US nuclear deal or the 123 Agreement. Much excitement and optimism has been pouring in from across media houses about the significance of the deal and its […]
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2014: A golden year for ISRO

Importance of ISRO as a spearhead in indigenous research cannot be overstated here. While India is still fighting with poverty and hunger, ISRO has shown that technological advancement can be made despite the current context of India. While foreign countries may condemn this advancement as being at the expense of human development in India, it has to continue with these developments to live upto the expectations of the world from itself in 21st century.