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Looking Beyond the Borders: Obama’s visit to India

It may be a wrong way to phrase it thus – for India in 2015, the underlying mood is we can. In the global context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has firmly established his position as the man of the times, paving the way for a proactive foreign policy; turning on the charm and yet determined […]
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The promise of nuclear deals

“The deal is done” announced foreign secretary Sujatha Singh after a long discussion between Mr. Obama and Mr. Modi over resolving the logjam in operationalising the much touted Indo-US nuclear deal or the 123 Agreement. Much excitement and optimism has been pouring in from across media houses about the significance of the deal and its […]
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NRIs Voting From Abroad: A Step Towards Better Democracy

In a connected world, it is simpler to effect these changes in law to ensure everyone can vote. It does, however, stand to reason that since the sheer numbers of India are in some ways self-defeating, much work also needs to be done even to ensure the name of every eligible voter is actually on the rolls.

2014: A golden year for ISRO

Importance of ISRO as a spearhead in indigenous research cannot be overstated here. While India is still fighting with poverty and hunger, ISRO has shown that technological advancement can be made despite the current context of India. While foreign countries may condemn this advancement as being at the expense of human development in India, it has to continue with these developments to live upto the expectations of the world from itself in 21st century.

Narendra Modi: Learning from a mistake of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru

It is often said that an advise is not a substitute for experience. We believe it was said by those who could not comprehend the advise well. Many prime ministers followed Nehru and did not learn from his one commonly known mistake. Many of them made issues like Reservation and Religion their movements through which they intended to mobilize people. These issues, however, ended bloodily because there were people on both sides. Issues like education, health, environment etc can only improve if there is movement for them. There are numerous instances from history which are testimonials for the argument made in this article. Probably it is time to change the saying from “Get your facts right” to “Get your understanding of facts right”.

Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (9 of 9): Foreign Policy

Current Situation: Desire for multipolar world (power should be diffused across the world). Relations with US have deteriorated over Nuclear Liability Law and Devyani Case. Relations with West have improved and measures like foreign investment allowed West’s money to flow into India. Engagements with emerging countries continued. Russia remained a reliable partner and relations with […]
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