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And the winner is Democracy

As Delhi goes to polls, we cannot help but think about the massive and intense election campaigns waged by all the political parties. Notwithstanding the mud-slinging and the usual drama and rhetoric that underlines Indian elections, the huge coverage and focus that this Assembly election received was unprecedented. After all, think about it, this was […]
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There is Something Terribly Wrong with this Country Isn’t it?

7th Feb can prove to be a historical day for India and to commemorate this day, we have made a video adapted from V for Vendetta’s revolutionary speech by the main character. Our intent is to arouse people’s sense of responsibility as a citizen and make a call for voting in Delhi Elections in large […]
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Delhi Elections 2015: Financial Background of Candidates

Is money power a prerequisite to get a ticket from mainstream party?

In place like Delhi, it is expected to have so many candidates with so much money. But is it a criteria to decide your vote is up to you.

Delhi Elections 2015: Criminal Background of Candidates

Delhi Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of all 673 candidates who are contesting in the 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections. There are 70 political parties fielding candidates in these elections. In the previous elections in 2013 there were 77 political parties that contested and in 2008 there were […]
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Constituency Wise MLAs: Delhi Elections 2013

1 Ram Kishan Singhal ADARSH NAGAR BJP 0 Graduate Rs 15,69,90,539
~ 15 Crore+ Rs 56,00,000
~ 56 Lacs+
2 Ashok Kumar AMBEDKAR NAGAR Aam Aadmi Party 0 10th Pass Rs 13,35,091
~ 13 Lacs+ Rs 3,600
~ 3 Thou+
3 Naresh Gaur BABARPUR BJP 2 Graduate Professional Rs 2,35,45,476
~ 2 Crore+ Rs 0

Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (9 of 9): Foreign Policy

Current Situation: Desire for multipolar world (power should be diffused across the world). Relations with US have deteriorated over Nuclear Liability Law and Devyani Case. Relations with West have improved and measures like foreign investment allowed West’s money to flow into India. Engagements with emerging countries continued. Russia remained a reliable partner and relations with […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (8 of 9): Disadvantaged Groups

Current Situation: SC, STs and Muslims have the worst health and education indicators and lowest paying jobs. Discrimination and caste and religion based violence occurs frequently across the country. The Communal Violence Bill was introduced but had to be withdrawn following opposition. Section 377 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) criminalising consensual gay sex upheld by […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (7 of 9): Infrastructure

Current Situation: India has a one trillion infrastructure deficit over the next five years, according to finance minister P. Chidambaram. India is ranked 89th out of 142 countries for its infrastructure in 2011-12. 65% of all freight is transported by road resulting in high traffic. The planning commission has estimated that India needs 180 more […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections, 2014 (6 of 9): Women

Current Status: Anti-Rape laws were strengthened following the Delhi incident. Women safety remain an issue which is partly a reason for their lag in education, share in workforce etc. Women Reservation Bill could not be passed. This bill reserve seats for women in parliament. Stands of various parties on this issue: Congress: Will pass women’s […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (5 of 9): Internal Securities

Current Situation : Police to population ratio has not increased for last 20 years. 4821 civilians and 1850 security force personnel have been killed by Maoists in last 10 years. Judicial pendency has risen to 55% for special and local laws, and 85% for IPC cases. Stand of major political parties on Internal Securities : […]
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