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Political Parties: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Political Party: A political party is a group of like-minded people who work together to win elections and form the government. Political parties compete against each other for political power and for the ability to put their philosophies and policies into effect.

Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (8 of 9): Disadvantaged Groups

Current Situation: SC, STs and Muslims have the worst health and education indicators and lowest paying jobs. Discrimination and caste and religion based violence occurs frequently across the country. The Communal Violence Bill was introduced but had to be withdrawn following opposition. Section 377 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) criminalising consensual gay sex upheld by […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections, 2014 (6 of 9): Women

Current Status: Anti-Rape laws were strengthened following the Delhi incident. Women safety remain an issue which is partly a reason for their lag in education, share in workforce etc. Women Reservation Bill could not be passed. This bill reserve seats for women in parliament. Stands of various parties on this issue: Congress: Will pass women’s […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (5 of 9): Internal Securities

Current Situation : Police to population ratio has not increased for last 20 years. 4821 civilians and 1850 security force personnel have been killed by Maoists in last 10 years. Judicial pendency has risen to 55% for special and local laws, and 85% for IPC cases. Stand of major political parties on Internal Securities : […]
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Manifesto Comparison, General Elections 2014 (4 of 9): Health

Current Situation : India has one-third of world’s malnourished and accounts for a quarter of the world’s infant deaths Public expenditure on health is 1.2% of GDP, one of the lowest in the developing world. India has one of the highest rated of out of the pocket expenditure on health in the world. Stand of […]
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